For more favorable results...

Try manually by trial and error.
For example
Try different combinations of stocks panel sizes.
Intentionally limit the number of stocks panels.
Try[Tools]-[Options]-[Optimize]-[Small Stocks Usage Rate] value.
Try different assignments to the preceding material and to the list of normal stocks panels.
Even if a parts panel can be rotated, try to make it impossible to rotate. etc.
Even a single difference in stocks panel size can significantly change the results.



Cooperation with other software

  • Copy and paste with spreadsheets such as Excel.
  • Import and export CSV data using the [File] menu or the import/export function of the right-click menu.
  • Export calculated figures in EMF format via the [File]-[Export] menu.


Work Automation

By utilizing the command line options, you can automatically performcalculations, output the results, and save them.
Software can be developed to utilize the calculated cut pattern data byinputting and outputting in Recx (XML) format.
There are examples of linking with inventory databases.