Privacy Policy

Cutting Planner and M-Calc does not collectpersonallyidentifiable information.
We may keep your information such as corporate name, personal name,e-mailaddress etc by purchase or inquiries etc. This information is not usedotherthan support of software of this site.
Also, we do not disclose information to third parties except in thefollowingcases.


1. When you got the consent of the customer himself / herself.
2. Legally enforceable orders.
3. Cases involving human life.
4. When we received a request from an administrative agency. Example: Cooperation in tax audits and criminal investigations.
5. We use G Suite (paid version of Google account) for email, web, input form, backup of data files, etc. How to process data, privacy policy, etc. are different from the terms and conditions of free account.Please see below for more details.


About access analysis tool used by this site.
On this site, we use "Google Analytics" access analysis tool by Google.ThisGoogle Analytics uses cookies to collect traffic data. This traffic dataiscollected anonymously, it does not identify individuals. This functioncanrefuse collection by invalidating cookie in browser setting. To reviewtheGoogle Analytics terms please visit