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Before askingyour question

Support is provided via email only.


Support will be provided by machine translation from Japanese.
Please do not use slang or other expressions that are difficult to machine translate. Also, please keep sentences short and concise so that they can be easily machine translated.

Please check to see if a newer version isavailable.
Upgrading is free, but we only support the latest version. You can upgrade bydownloading from the top page and installing the new version over the oldone.
Even if you have purchased the software, we may not be able to meet yourrequest for additional functions.
Depending on the question, you may need to attach data files or screenshots.In such cases, please send them to the following e-mail address Toprevent spam, please include the word "CuttingPlanner" in the subject line.

For those whowish to have their license key resent

It is possible, but not guaranteed, that wewill be able to resend the license key to you by contacting us using the emailaddress and name you originally registered with. Please note that we will notresend the license key to anyone other than the email address you originallyregistered with in order to prevent spoofing by a thirdparty.